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Regardless of the size or type of board you’re on, the digital world has changed the game and Director and Officer (D&O) insurance alone is not enough. All Board types need to implement a Board Management solution specifically designed to mitigate their exposure to today’s risks and liabilities.Insurance Industry

Board Management Risk Assessment

Use our simple board management risk assessment tool to determine where you
and your Board may be at risk.

Office of the Board

When you create your Office of the Board, our Risk Intelligent Framework evaluates the type and nature of your Legal Entity and automatically customizes your Board Management solution to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. In this way, Office of the Board can intelligently serve virtually any organization's Board with a highly customized Board Management solution.

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Boardmanagement Risk Intelligent Framework

Office of the Board takes Board Management to a new level using a novel patent pending Risk Intelligent Framework to minimize risk and to facilitate the operational management of the Board, its Board Members and Affiliates.

The moment you create your Office of the Board our proactive Board Management solution with its Risk Intelligent Framework will immediately establish an environment designed to ensure quality governance, best practices, internal controls and a culture of compliance.

Risk Boardmanagement
Boardmanagement Efficiency

Office of the Board is the easiest, safest and most affordable Board Management solution for your organization to setup a permanent framework for communications, document management, collaboration and other resources while also protecting your Members and Affiliates.

Mitigate Risk Maximize Efficiency

Office of the Board is not only a proactive and intelligent Board Management solution but it also brings together all of the capabilities a Board and its Members require.

The Boardroom

Through Office of the Board’s intuitive Board Management interface, all of your Board work is at your fingertips. Members can view items that require their attention or oversee the activities of others. Managing your Board duties and oversight has never been so effective and efficient.

Proactive Notifications and Alerts

Office of the Board designed its Board Management to be proactive and notify its Members when actions have been or need to be taken. By being proactive, Office of the Board helps its Members mitigate risk and better fulfill their fiduciary duty.


Create and collaborate on topics and documents such as agendas, minutes, unanimous consents, and much more all within a controlled Board Management framework. Each Board is provided with its own Template Library full of customizable templates configured specifically for your entity type and jurisdiction. Publisher provides a unique workspace for creating, compiling, publishing, distributing and archiving your Board Books. If you already have a Board Book Management solution just place them in Office of the Board or save some money and use our fully integrated solution.

Policy Creation and Management

Create, communicate, implement and track your Board’s policies. Leverage our Template Library or use our Policy wizard to create new policies or import your own. Members are required to accept the Board's Policies and digitally signed copies are automatically managed and retained.

Document Management

Maintain all of your Board's documents in a secure and easily accessible Document Library. Each Board is provided with its own specific Official Records section based on entity type and jurisdiction. Documents and Business records can now be preserved and efficiently accessed when needed.


Office of the Board provides a Board Management solution with a series of informational resources such as a Links Library for the education of Members of all experience levels and a “Consult Your Colleagues” feature. This is where Board Members can find general information about Board responsibilities and governance as well as specific information pertaining to their specific entity type. Board Members or Presidents can consult with other Board Members or Presidents of other Boards.

Email & Calendar Management

Commingling your personal and business email and calendar is a risk whether or not there is litigation. By inadvertently involving your work and personal life in your Board business you may be harming yourself or your employer. Office of the Board allows you to keep Board correspondence separate, private and secure.


Boards can now actively manage their Board responsibilities such as commenting, discussing, signing, voting, memorializing, etc., all within the confines of one constant framework. Much of the Board work that gets pushed to the Board meetings can now be completed ahead of time making the Board meetings more efficient and productive.

Litigation Ready

If your Board is not “Litigation Ready” you are taking on more risk than you know. Your Office of the Board, Board Management solution constantly protects you with eDiscovery, archiving, comprehensive audit logs and more so that you're ready for lawsuits.

Board Management Focused On Value for All Members

Office of the Board was architected to provide a Board Management solution that maximizes value and protection for all Board Members.

  • Board-centric email protects against personal liability from commingling Board activity with other business and personal email.
  • Board-centric documents provide efficiency and organization rather than the mayhem of scattered, inaccessible documents.
  • Oversight and transparency facilitates Board Members satisfying their fiduciary duty and protecting themselves.
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  • No risk of ethics violations and malpractice for communicating with Board members via work or personal emails that are not private.
  • Lawsuit and e-discovery ready with admissible evidence in one Board Management framework and easy litigation holds.
  • Legal compliance and audit is your responsibility and achievable with Board activity centrally located.
  • More…
  • The digital age has redefined the effectiveness of D&O insurance which is not enough alone.
  • Lower defense costs with Board information and activity in the framework containing specific litigation minded features.
  • Board Management with structured governance equates to strength of legal representation and claim defense when you get sued.
  • More…
  • Your Board requires a unique Board Management framework from which to manage and operate.
  • The Board requires policies which Members are aware of, agree to and are able to follow.
  • Continuity and control of records, preservation of the historic record and purge under a retention policy and access to a community of like Members.
  • More…
  • When you need information it needs to be readily available.
  • Timely and ready access to organized information is critical to risk assessment and fraud control.
  • Building a culture of compliance and expertise with drop-in financial and legal compliance framework.
  • More…
  • Effective communication with Board members is no longer a problem with Board centric email or other methods in the Board Management framework.
  • We are measured by our timeliness, organization and short Board meetings which are facilitated.
  • Ease in managing multiple Boards with one login from anytime anywhere access.
  • More…

Your Data Private, Protected and Secure

Your Privacy is Paramount

Office of the Board takes every precaution to make sure your confidential information stays that way. You own your data, and we’re committed to keeping it private. Our privacy policy clearly describes how we handle and protect your information.
Comprehensive Reporting, Logging, and Audit Trails

Track account activity, file access, settings changes and nearly everything else that occurs in Office of the Board.

  • Full Transparency See user activity with views on over 50 different events across multiple categories.
  • Reporting and Audit Trails For all activities.
  • Follow Users and Activity Track usernames, email and IP addresses. See timestamps for every action through the Office of the Board Admin Console.
Control Access, Authentication
and Authorization

Easily configure permissions for your organization to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to Board information.

  • Strong Authentication Password resets, failed logins, session duration.
  • Granular Authorization With multiple levels of permission for access, preview, editing, and sharing, you can ensure individual users and groups can only see what they need to.
  • Flexible Access Controls Password-protect confidential information and financial documents. Set automatic expiration dates for sensitive files.
Data Protection: Encryption
and Security Policies

Office of the Board protects the confidentiality and integrity of your information and files in transit and at rest.

  • Layered Encryption Encryption in transfer with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption at rest with 256-bit AES. Encryption keys are securely stored in separate locations.
  • Data Integrity Version, deletion and expiration controls protect the integrity of your content.
  • Content Security Policies Prevent data loss with alerts of unusual download activity, shared files with sensitive information and uploads with prohibited data.
Data Center Security and Availability

Office of the Board uses multiple data centers with several providers to build redundancy into Office of the Board services. All data centers employ a variety of secure mechanisms, including strict access policies plus secure vaults and cages.

  • Secure Locations Our data centers use biometric entry authentication, closed-circuit video monitoring and 24/7 armed guards.
  • System Redundancy N+1 or greater redundancy for all network components and system components.
  • Threat Protection and Prevention Uninterruptible power and backup systems as well as fire/flood detection and prevention are used at storage sites.

Board Management Made Affordable and Flexible

Board Management cost

Office of the Board, Board Management solution provides a unique, transparent and variable pricing model that allows Board Administrators to manage their costs as never before. Pricing is calculated based on the number of active Members per day. Administrators are provided with an easy to use pricing calculator, similar to the one below, and a control panel that enables the turning on and off of services.

For as little as $0.99 per day OoftheB with its Risk Intelligent Framework will begin working for your entity!
Additional Read-Only Members can be fully protected for as little as $0.16 each per day.
Manage your pricing as often as you want or set it once and forget it!

Estimate your Entity’s cost

Member TypeCountDaily CostMonthly CostAnnual CostPre-Paid Annual Cost (5% Discount)
Board Members$ 0.99$ 30.00$ 360.00$ 342.00
Read-Only Members$ 0.16$ 5.00$ 60.00$ 57.00
Total2$ 1.15$ 35.00$ 420.00$ 399.00

Use our function driven pricing calculator to customize your Entity’s estimated cost.

Office of the Board’s registration process is fast and easy. Within minutes your Office of the Board, Board Management solution will be fully functional and customized to your legal entity and local jurisdiction.

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    Multiple Payment Methods

    You can use your credit card, debit card, e-check or bank transfer and set your monthly invoice payments to be made manually or automatically. In addition, if you prefer the traditional pay by manual check you can do that too, just use our Bill Me method of payment.

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    Billing Calculated Daily

    In an effort to give our customers complete control over their usage and associated charges we compute your Office of the Board charges on a daily basis. So if you wish to modify how you use Office of the Board or stop entirely you can do so immediately right online.

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    One Monthly Invoice

    Each month on the 1st of the month, regardless of your payment method, we will send you an invoice for the prior month members usage. You can always check online for your current billing and if you like you can make a payment right then and there. It couldn't be easier. You can even pay in advance and we will take care of managing the balance. If you decide to leave Office of the Board and you have a remaining balance we will return it to you immediately.

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    100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If during the first 30 days of registering your Office of the Board you decide for any reason that you no longer wish to use Office of the Board we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.