HOA Treasurer Eventually Caught Stealing from the Association

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Whether you’re a large condominium association or a small neighborhood association, theft by association officers happens when no one is looking.  Treasurer Jennifer Jo Noteware got caught only after she collected money from her HOA, Black Forrest Home Owners Association, for maintenance costs and then forged checks with the President’s name payable to herself and cashed them.  Eventually after the money was gone, someone realized the money was missing from the association’s account.  Like most board members and officers, Noteware presents as a trustworthy individual which unfortunately is not the case.

With an Office of the Board, these situations don’t have to happen.  Bank statements and checks belong inside the Association’s Office of the Board where board members and owners can access them whenever and wherever convenient.  Watch alerts can be placed on a folder such as bank statements and whenever the folder is accessed or modified, the member is alerted.  Office of the Board allows associations and their boards to proactively monitor association business so theft’s like Treasurer Noteware are deterred or revealed right away.

Read more about the felony charges against the Treasurer.

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