Board Member Kickbacks at Issue in Florida HOA

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The Winding Hollow Homeowners Association eventually figured out that board member Ken Spalthoff was receiving kickbacks from a landscaping company.  They are suing him now in the Florida courts.  A police investigation determined that there was no criminal violation by the Winter Springs mayoral candidate, but the HOA is not letting him off the hook.  Whether Spalthoff acted inappropriately or not will bear itself out in a public forum.  The HOA should be careful about defaming the political candidate, but Spalthoff’s days in public service may be over if determined true.  The answer will be in the HOA’s records.

Office of the Board is a framework for an HOA where all of its records can be maintained, overseen by the board and used as evidence in cases like this.  Frauds like the one claimed here are easily spotted, rooted out and prosecuted.

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