Condo Official Records Up in Smoke – Good Reason for Web Portal Law

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Condominiums and homeowners associations are required by law to keep certain Official Records.  Florida just changed the condo law to require certain Official Records to be maintained but also digitized and accessible to owners through a web portal. Owners can log in and read those Official Records whenever and wherever they have an internet connection.  Florida lawmakers unanimously passed that law which required the web portal no later than July 1, 2018 for condos with 150 or more units. Their reason was to root out fraud in condominiums but it also serves another good purpose which the Mountain View Condominium board of managers found out when their garages went on fire for a second time.

Many condo and HOA boards keep their association’s most important Official Records in insecure places like boxes or file cabinets in basements, garages, bedrooms, etc.  Those with outside management firms, entrust those records to those third party outsiders to keep, but their places of business are not immune from a devastating fire.  One fire or other casualty (water is as destructive) and the historical Official Records of the association are gone.

With an Office of the Board in place, associations instantly have a secure, indestructible place for their Official Records.  Office of the Board eliminates the risk that records that the board is required to keep are destroyed.  The law requiring online Official Records in a web portal accessible by owners privately 24/7 serves owners in allowing them oversight but also eliminates the devastating impact of an association losing their history when Official Records are destroyed in a casualty.

Read more about the web portal requirement.


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