The Power of Integrating Functions Intelligently with Features

Office of the Board is designed to facilitate the mitigation of risk and liability, quality governance, best practices, internal controls and a culture of compliance. The operational framework is proactive, easy to use, efficient and affordable. Its core functionality is composed of several components seamlessly integrated with a unique set of features driven by a custom algorithm that transforms Office of the Board into a Risk Intelligent Framework


An executive summary dashboard that provides the user at a glance where he or she may need to focus their attention. Things like unread emails, pending votes and/or signatures, latest topics for discussion, upcoming events, etc.
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A business class email account for each member with an outlook like client that provides enterprise grade spam and virus protection, a feature rich email composer and address book. Unique capability like Board Member email accounts marked in “Red” for identification and all email correspondence continuously archived to a professional eDiscovery component. Each Office of the Board has its own “theboard@” email account for general correspondence with the Board.
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A Board specific event driven calendar with single and recurring event management. With day, week and monthly views you can add event titles, descriptions and URLs to your entries. Integrated with other Boardroom features that automatically post events to the calendar. Printable at any time for any period as a PDF.
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With its state of the art document manager Office of the Board will provide its members with organization, access and share ability. The Official Records section is automatically configured when the Boardroom is established providing predefined folders by entity type and legal jurisdiction. The folders themselves provide information as to whether the folder content is legally required or just best practice. If you are concerned about deletion of documents Office of the Board comes with a Double Authorization setting so documents cannot be purged without final approval by a member with Double Authorization authority.
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A Boardroom specific centralized contact address book automatically populated based on Office of the Board user’s profile. Printable at any time as a PDF.
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A collaborative space where board members can carry on an over-time discussion of any subject drafted from the Publisher. Each topic contains the ability to provide discussion based comments and can include electronic signature requests and voting if required. Each Topic can be converted to a PDF for printing or saving to the Document Manager, or deleted according to a retention policy. All topics are completely searchable.
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Drafting and publishing topics or specific documents could not be easier. Discussions, Agenda, Minutes, Resolutions, Unanimous Written Consents and more can be easily published to Topics for review, comment, e-signature and voting all within the Boardroom itself. If Office of the Board’s repository of various document templates is not enough we provide the ability to create your own templates from ours or from scratch.
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Resources – Consult Your Colleagues
The Consult Your Colleague resource is available to Board Members and Presidents. Permitted members can consult with Board Members and Presidents of other Offices of the Board about familiar topics and obtain advice.

A full administrative panel to easily configure and manage your Office of the Board. From adding members, to allowing or denying access to features, to adding new email accounts, creating new affiliations and positions to managing Policies. Office of the Board provides the granularity to configure your Boardroom to your specification.
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A complete help system at your fingertips, searchable and intuitive with screen shots to help guide the way making it easy to learn and take advantage of all that Office of the Board has to provide.
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Key Risk Intelligent Features

  • A unique, custom framework for communications, documents, collaboration, etc. for your entity, Board, Board Members and Affiliates
  • The Boardroom, Email, Documents, Calendar, Contacts, Topics, Publisher, Colleague Consult, Policy Management, etc. are all in the Framework
  • Separate Frameworks for each of your entities accessible from a single interface and logon
  • An executive-summary dashboard that enables each Member to quickly and thoroughly understand and oversee pending and historic activity within their Boardroom
  • Members can view the Boardroom dashboard and see if there is anything required of them or other members
Framework Activity and Document Tracking
  • Almost all activity inside the Office of the Board Framework is automatically tracked by the system and logged
  • Member acceptance of policies, document creation with Publisher, electronic signing or voting in Topics, upload, delete or any other activity regarding documents, etc. is all systematically tracked and logged
  • The Office of the Board Risk Intelligent Framework automatically notifies Members by email of various Board activities like voting
  • The Framework can automatically send a Daily Notification Email to Members alerting them to various activities within the Boardroom that have risk elements.  If there is no activity for the Member to be concerned about they may decide not to access their Office of the Board because there is no reason to do so
Policy Creation and Management
  • Legally required or best practice policies can be created using custom templates, from scratch or from existing documents in Publisher, saved and maintained in Documents or in Policy Management
  • Policies can be consistently maintained in the Framework for use by the current and future Boards
  • When Members initially enter the Framework or whenever the administrator requires (e.g., new or modified policies) they can be required to accept specific policies
  • Policies can be modified as required to account for legal or other requirements.
  • The Office of the Board Framework tracks and retains a record of Member acceptance of policies
  • Different groups (e.g., board members, officers, committee members, etc.) can be required to accept different sets of policies
Colleague Consult
  • You don’t have to go at it alone.  You can pose questions to Board Member or President Colleagues just like you in other organizations and get their advice
Link Library
  • Custom links for your particular legal entity to educate you regarding Board responsibilities and governance
  • Administrators and other permitted members can fully manage their Office of the Board including adding, deleting, disabling members, setting permissions, functionality, features, etc.
  • If a Member has a conflict of interest permissions can be managed to account for the conflict
  • Board-centric email system, designed especially for Boards and their Members
  • Individual Board specific email for each permitted Member
  • A separate “theboard@” email issued for the Board iteself
  • Emails only accessible through encrypted SSL connections
  • Emails and attachments stay in the Framework rather than all over personal and other work computers and devices
  • Documents from the Document management system attached as links so the Documents remain in the Framework
  • Documents attached to inbound emails can be saved in the Document management system, keeping them in the Framework
  • Notification of new and unread emails through personal Boardroom dashboards and Daily Notification
  • Board Member email addresses show in “Red” for identification
  • Configurable email disclaimer to protect Members consistently
  • All emails are archived, searchable and managed through a professional eDiscovery interface
  • Emails can be purged or preserved pursuant to a document retention policy
  • Emails are litigation ready
  • Your entity’s, Board’s and Members’ documents in the Framework’s state of the art Document manager
  • Official Records section is automatically configured when Boardroom is established providing predefined folders with legal requirements for your particular entity
  • All documents uploaded into Official Records are automatically converted to PDF format for control purposes
  • Documents can only be deleted from Official Records pursuant to a “double authorization” requirement
  • Official Records folder structure may be updated from time to time if legal requirements change
  • Relevant statutes or regulations may be available and clickable as support for Official Records folders
  • Single or double delete authorization can be added to any workspace or folder
  • Folders and files can be shared with Boardroom members with permission level management (read, write, delete, or watch)
  • Folders and files can be shared with non-Boardroom Users through a customizable secure sharing system
  • Folder hyperlinks can be password protected
  • Folder hyperlinks can be set to expire after period of time or number of downloads
  • Folders can be set to allow non-Boardroom User to be able to upload documents
  • File hyperlinks can be permissioned to view only, print or download
  • Watch features can be set on both files and folders for modification, consultation, or both
  • Watch log and notification available through Member’s Boardroom dashboard and as Watch Alerts
  • Documents can be managed, archived or purged pursuant to your document retention policy
  • All Documents searchable by key words, document labels or descriptions
  • Administrator and permitted members can actively manage user access and permission level for workspaces and folders
  • All workspace, folder and document activity is logged including uploads, deletes, modifications, views, logins, etc.
  • Publisher can take the place of your entire document creation workflow from the initial draft to the time you hit submit – spelling, collaboration, and review all within the Framework
  • Publish Topics include discussions, documents like agendas, minutes, resolutions, unanimous written consents, etc.
  • Publisher provides relevant form templates systematically customized for your configuration
  • Templates include complimentary, valuable forms such as governance and meeting forms, policies, contracts, administrative, resale certificates, etc. based on configuration
  • Best practice templates created by professionals
  • Publisher allows your organization to have a uniform set of document forms like agendas, minutes, resolutions, unanimous written consents, resale certificates, etc. for your Board and future Boards and Members to use
  • Publisher allows you to keep all Topics within your control in your own “Topics Library”
  • Publisher comes with systematically generated tabs, some with present templates for required governance documents
  • Publisher allows control of which Members access certain categories of Topics, and which sign or vote
  • If resale certificates or like documents are legally required, they can be created, reviewed, saved and distributed all in the Framework, satisfying the obligation and generating revenue for the organization
  • Members can easily vote on and sign Topics and file them away in Board Documents and email or share them using Board Email or Document Share, all within the Framework
  • With respect to virtually any Topic, authorized Members can review, discuss, sign, vote and perform other functions inside the Framework
  • A systematically generated name, position and date stamp is included when Members electronically sign a Topic
  • Topics can be converted into PDF documents for security
  • Topics that are converted to PDF documents can include title, votes, electronic signatures and/or comments
  • Comments by authorized Members include a systematically generated name, position and date stamp
  • Topics are all contained in one “Topic Library” so they can be retained or purged according to a retention policy
  • Voting can be set for blind or open voting
  • Voting tabulation and history is systematically preserved and accessible by authorized Members
  • Voting is systematically maintained for open and closed votes
  • A Board-specific, event driven calendar with single and recurring event management
  • Calendar for authorized Members is maintained in the Framework, separate and apart from their personal and work calendars
  • Calendars can be historically preserved or purged in accordance with a retention policy
  • Automatically generated events for voting
  • Events can be scheduled when creating a Topic in Publisher for tracking and oversight
  • A Board-specific centralized contact address book automatically populated based on Office of the Board Member profiles
  • Authorized Members have their own contacts that are preserved in the Framework and kept separate and apart from their personal and other work contacts
  • Contacts can be historically preserved for effective transitions
  • A Contact list can be converted to a PDF document, printable at any time, saved to Documents or shared as required (e.g., insurance defense counsel requires contacts)