Florida Condo Law

In 2017, the Florida Legislature unanimously passed a new condo law requiring condominiums with 150 or more units to have a web portal created and accessible for owners to privately access and inspect 12 categories of Official Records.


Office of the Board - Florida Condos

Ready when you are, Compliant Web Portal with Official Record Management and so much more.
Affordable and Easy to use.

Web Portal

Simple to use, no setup required, user configurable, works out of the box. Provides condo owners with easy registration and intuitive access to the things most important.

Official Record Management

A built-in ready to use document management system that allows condos to instantly provide record access to their owners as required by Florida law.


Compliant Web Portal with Official Record Management

Office of the Board includes a web portal that instantly satisfies the Florida law. The web portal is simple to use and no setup required. Owners that require access to Official Records under the new law can register themselves on the web portal and once approved by you, are provided access that is statutorily required no later than January 1, 2019.

Electronic Voting

Florida law has very specific requirements for electronic voting. For example, for elections of directors, the law requires that no one including Office of the Board can tie an election ballot to a specific member who voted. Office of the Board has created a unique solution that satisfies the legal requirement and all of the Florida legal requirements. You can use Office of the Board E-Ballots for complicated elections or informal polls of owners. 

Board Member Certifications

Board Members are presented with the Board Member Certification when entering the Office of the Board as you require. They can read the Certification and applicable governing documents right there, and agree to the Certification.  Office of the Board automatically places an electronically signed Board Member Certification in your Official Records. 

Board Email

Office of the Board also comes with a Board Email system so that your Board Members don’t have to use their personal and other work emails. Lawyers say that Board Email is an Official Record that condos must maintain and is discoverable in a litigation.

Official Record Publishing, Inspection

All associations are required to give access to their Official Records to owners for inspection. This has been such a problem in Florida that the lawmakers have built in civil and criminal liability for board member and management.
With Office of the Board civil and criminal risk is not a problem.

Estoppel Certificate Creation, Fee Generation

You will no longer have to outsource Estoppel Certificate creation and forego the revenue generation opportunity. With Office of the Board you can generate an Estoppel Certificate in minutes, electronically sign it, provide it and obtain the allowed $250 fee (plus another $150 if expedited).

All-In-One Solution Starting At Just $30 Per Month


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