Florida Condo Managers and Boards shouldn’t have to Worry about the New Laws

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Over the last year the Florida lawmakers have thrown a lot of new laws at condo managers and board members which is causing anxiety.  How are they going to comply with such requirements as having a web portal with document management set up and operating so that owners who want access to certain Official Records through the web portal can do so by the end of this year.   Managers and boards first must make sure that they are keeping the correct Official Records that are legally required and then create a web portal with the capability of managing the owner access with usernames and passwords.  All of this has to be done this year.

The Florida lawmakers gave managers and condo boards a little more time to respond to owner requests.  10 working days rather than 5, but considering all of their other duties, that is a really short period of time to comply in the face of significant money and possible criminal penalties for noncompliance.

The work however doesn’t stop there.  Management and condo boards have to manage creation, maintenance and inspection process amongst their other numerous responsibilities.  With the law change this year, six categories of Official Records have to be kept forever, other Official Records for at least 7 years and then others like voting records (1 year) for the time set in the law.  Management may be expert in property management and even board management and governance.  But these new laws are now forcing management to enter the digital age.

There is clearly a lot of pressure of management and their condo boards because of these laws. They not only have to make sure the right records are being created and kept, but have to be prepared to sort through those Official Records and respond to inquiring owners in a short period of time.  Considering the law has a laundry list of required Official Records (including a catch all category all records “related to the operation of the association”), compliance can be a challenge.  Managers who are equipped to comply will be competitively placed, but the rest will end up in trouble likely losing clients to competitors.

Office of the Board is the turn-key solution for condo managers and boards.  It creates instantly with a simple-to-use framework in place so that compliance is easy.  Any condo or board that does not have a compliant web portal with an Official Records management system that makes creation, maintenance and owner inspections welcome, ought to consider Office of the Board.  Managers can adopt Offices of the Board for their condo boards and instantly comply with Florida’s laws. They will be far ahead of competitors who are worrying about how to comply with the new laws.

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