Nonprofit Board Members Steal Too – This Florida Board Member Took $2 Million

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The Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults is a revered Florida charity that suffered a tremendous theft by a board member. The nonprofit provides outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Over 15 years, board member William Minor perpetrated the theft and the money is long gone.  Read More.  Sooner or later board members will finally accept the fact that without organizational framework around the board, thefts like this will continue to happen because there is no way for effective oversight.  With an Office of the Board in place, all the board members can watch each other.  There are ways to set watch alerts where the Office of the Board system does guard duty for the board members. If a financial folder or file is changed or tampered with, the system can automatically notify board members so they can take a look now rather than years down the road like the care with Minor and the money is long gone.

Office of the Board – Instant Framework for Oversight




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