Little League Association Board President takes $70k

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Here we go again.  Another board member of a youth sports association stealing money.  This time a board president, Leo Carlos, took $70,000 over 4 years.  Once again, no one had access to the association’s records.  Board members trusted Leo and he took advantage of that trust.  Some boards require dual signatures on checks, but what if both signers are in cahoots?  W’eve seen a lot of situations where boards require dual signatures and it becomes inconvenient and then not required in all cases.   The only way effectively to deter and root out fraud in association boards is to have all records available for all board members to review whenever and wherever convenient for them.  If bank statements are uploaded into an association’s Office of the Board for example, any change to that original bank statement is picked up by the solution and an audit entry of the change is reflected in a log that all board members can access and review.  Watch alerts on files like bank statements are easy to set and can alert board members when a bank statement or other important document like an insurance policy renewal are upload into the Office of the Board.  When tax and other government filings to maintain 501(c)(3) status for example, are due, they can be created and maintained and calendared in the Office of the Board so there are checks and balances.  With these checks and balances, fraud like Leo’s $70k personal taking are deterred.  The Marysville Little League association had to hire a “forensic accountant to pore over the books from October 2012 through September 2016.”   This was years later after Leo had stolen and spent the money.  This could have been avoided with an Office of the Board.

Office of the Board – Sports Board Instant Framework

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