Outgoing Board Treasurer Taking Financial Records, Etc. Should Never Happen

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With an Office of the Board in place, this would never happen. All too often volunteer Boards do not have control over their financial and other organization records from a Board-centric position. In this instance, a condominium Board treasurer resigned and took the organization’s financial records, checkbook and other official records. That treasurer was the custodian of the organization’s records.

The advice given is essentially start from scratch and get your organization’s lawyer involved to threaten and if necessary start a lawsuit. None of that risk and expense would be necessary if the condominium had its own Office of the Board. With an Office of the Board in place, the organization’s records are centrally located and reside irrespective of whether any Board member leaves. Check is out at www.officeoftheboard.com.

Here’s the advice given by Mr. Condo in the Mr. Condo Article.

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