PTAs/PTOs require Framework around their Organizations to Prevent Fraud

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Parent Teacher Associations or Organizations often rely upon the resources that are available to them by their school districts or some other free technology to run their organizations. The trouble with this is that it doesn’t prevent fraud.  We have seen “trusted” board member thefts of PTA/PTO money throughout the country.


Here are just a few PTA/PTO board member thefts:

$50,000 Embezzled by Pennsylvania PTO Treasurer 

$24,000 Stolen by Connecticut PTA Treasurer

$14,700 Stolen by Texas PTA Vice-President

$9,000 Taken by Florida PTA Board Member

$2,000 Embezzled by Ohio PTA Board President

$2,000 Stolen by Tennessee PTO President

Without a framework around the PTA/PTO organizations, there is no easy way for board members to oversee and effectively prevent fraud. This puts your money at risk. Board members leave (sometimes with organization money) and new members are left trying to figure out what to do next.

Office of the Board instantly changes all of this.  PTAs and PTOs immediately have framework around themselves so nefarious conduct can be prevented and board members don’t have to worry about personal exposure for breach of fiduciary duty and the embarrassment of a theft on their watch.  When the old guard is ready to leave the board the Office of the Board is turned over to the new board members who have everything they need to protect the organization and themselves.

Office of the Board for PTAs/PTOs

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