Risk that Required Business Records are Deleted or Changed

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Whether you’re an LLC, nonprofit, community association or some other type of entity, you have lots of records at risk. With the advent of the digital age, the amount of records has skyrocketed. Consider the number of emails between Board members and others regarding Board business. Each email is separate business record which should either be maintained or deleted if allowed by law to do so. Each state has its own laws on what business records must be maintained and for how long. These laws are complicated and depend on a number of factors including your entity type, legal status (incorporated, nonprofit, unincorporated, etc.).

Now consider what happens when Board members delete emails or records, or leave the Board with their emails and records without turning them over to the entity. If the Board does not have a separate framework for its emails and records, complying with your state’s legal requirements is impossible. The ultimate responsibility rests with the Board to make sure that its entity complies with the laws. Blindly turning the task over to third parties is the worst thing to do.

Office of the Board realized that most Board member volunteers are not aware of the legal record-keeping requirements for their entity so we created an application that tells the Board members what the best practice and legal requirements are for their particular entity. The Board Documents feature of the Office of the Board systematically creates an Official Records workspace in Board Documents which contains the best practice folders and legal requirements.

Next we realized that email is the most prevalent way that Board members communicate. So, we included a business class email system inside the Office of the Board Risk Intelligent Framework so that all of the Board members and Board communications can be captured, retained for the appropriate period of time and then deleted if legally appropriate.

We didn’t stop there in protecting Boards and their members. We made the Official Records workspace a .pdf only space so that your entity’s most important Official Records are preserved in a form that cannot be modified. Then, we added a robust audit system to the Office of the Board which tracks almost everything that happens in the Office of the Board. For example, if a document is moved, renamed, added, deleted, etc., there is a systematic record which permitted members can oversee.

We also realized that Board members can’t be watching documents and audit logs all the time. We included a watch feature which allows a member to set a folder or file to be watched for consultation or modification. If the watch is triggered, the member is alerted.

Likewise we added another unique double authorization feature. IF an Official Record is deleted or any file in a workspace protected with Double Authorization, that Official Record or file goes into a place where authorized members can review the item before it is finally deleted. Board members can rest easy that their entity’s records are safe in their Office of the Board.

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