The January 1, 2019 Florida Web Portal Deadline is Fast Approaching

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Florida community associations that have to comply with the new web portal requirements are running out of time.  The deadline is January 1st and it was already extended one time so we don’t expect it to be extended again.

If your Florida association has  150 or more units assume you have to comply and have a web portal in place so that owners can access a laundry list of official records.   All associations have official record keeping and inspection by owner requirements of many more records, but as for the laundry list, those documents must be digital and available through a password protected web portal by January 1st.  Going forward the web portal must be maintained and additional documents added as required.  There are other requirements like posting annual meeting notices on the front page, and certain information re estoppel letter requests that have to be published on the web portal page.

Office of the Board’s document management and sharing feature sets up effortlessly for boards.  So, a Florida condo’s document management system sets up automatically for for a condo with folders for the required Official Records available immediately.  The condo simply has to save the Official Records into the folders.  When an owner demands an inspection of Official Records, Office of the Board includes a simple to use sharing feature that allows timely, easy compliance with the new law.

Office of the Board also comes with a compliant web portal that instantly creates and is easy to use.  You can set one up for as little as $30 a month. Owners who want access as required by the law, can register themselves for access and when their request is confirmed by the association, the owner can log in and access the required records.  Other than saving files in the folders inside Office of the Board, there’s nothing else for you to do to comply with the web portal law.  It’s easy with Office of the Board.

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