Risk Of Commingling Your Email Accounts

Risk Of Commingling Your Email Accounts

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Hillary Clinton found out the hard way that using her personal email account for her business as Secretary of State was a risk and not a good idea.  She is now suffering the consequences.

She could have avoided the whole mess by only using the government issued email address for her business.  Instead she commingled business and personal emails and caused herself a whole lot of trouble.

Members of Boards are no different from Hillary Clinton.  Board members use their work and personal email accounts for their Board business; primarily because most entities don’t provide Boards and their members with their own Board Email account.  With Office of the Board’s instant Board Email which is a part of its patent pending Risk Intelligent Framework Board members should no longer accept the risks of using personal or work email accounts for their Board communications.

The risk of getting in trouble with their employers for using work email accounts to communicate about Board work is too much to ask of them. Most employers have policies prohibiting employees from using work email accounts for non-work business. There are a lot of reasons for such policies including the possibility that a subpoena for an employee’s emails could be served on the employer.

Free email accounts are no better because they lack privacy, control, continuity, etc.  Free comes at a significant price and usually means that the free providers can read your emails for their own advertising benefit.

Office of the Board takes all these risks away from Board members by providing a business class email account for each member that is contained in their own tailored Office of the Board.  At no additional cost, Office of the Board provides each entity with its own “theboard@” email account for general correspondence with the Board. When the Board communicates, it should do so with its own “theboard@” account rather than the risky practice of sending Board communications from an individual’s email account.

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