Web Portal Requirement for Owner Access to Florida HOA Official Records is Next

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The Florida Legislature is hard at work in 2018 and several laws are on the way.  Last year the Legislature unanimously changed the condo law to crack down on fraud.  By July 1, 2018, condominium’s with 150 plus units must have a compliant web portal available for owners to privately (with a username and password) access and inspect a laundry list of Official Records including contracts, bids, etc.  The lawmakers started with the 150 plus unit condos who they understood could comply; opting to wait to require all condos and homeowners’ associations to comply was well.

The time has come for HOA’s to start complying as well this year.

HB 873/SB 1238  incorporates many of the law changes that applied to condos last year and now makes them applicable to HOAs.   Included is a law requiring HOAs with 150 or more parcels to have a compliant web portal solution in place for owners to access certain official records and obtain notices.

The lawmakers didn’t stop there in pushing 2018 laws concerning records which are a root of fraud and improper conduct in Florida community associations.  In addition to criminalizing certain board member and management conduct when it comes to records, with HB 377  the Legislature propose to increase minimum statutory damages for willfully failing to provide official records from $50 per day (up to 10 days) to $500 per day (up to 30 days).  Violators face $15,000 for not properly dealing with Official Records and inspections.

Office of the Board changes the playing field for community associations. It is an all-in-on solution that comes with a built-in web portal for instant compliance with the existing Florida laws requiring condos with 150 plus units to have a compliant web portal solution to provide digital access of Official Records to owners by July 1, 2018.  Office of the Board likewise creates for a Florida HOA to comply now in anticipation of the new legal requirement in 2018.

Irrespective of whether your condo or HOA meets the 150 unit threshold to implicate the law, other laws regarding Official Record keeping and timely inspection requirements and resulting penalties both civil and criminal, apply to condos and HOAs of all sizes.  Office of the Board solves your problem instantly.

When your association creates a simple to use Office of the Board it has everything it needs all in one place from the compliant web portal, Official Record keeping and inspections, Board certifications, Board email, electronic voting and much more.  Everything is included in your Office of the Board. Use some of its features or all of them.

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