Who has the Minutes? In Florida, Condos have to Create and Keep them Permanently under the 2018 Law Change

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Florida condo boards must create minutes of all board and unit owner meetings and keep them permanently.  Until the new law change this year, the Florida condo law just required maintenance of minutes for at least 7 years.  That said, maintaining minutes may be easy, but creating them has never been an easy task for board members or whomever is charged with taking, editing and approving them. Someone has to take notes about what is decided at the meeting.  Turn those notes into formal minutes.  Circulate the draft minutes for board review or at least present proposed minutes to the board at a board meeting which takes up valuable meeting time while board members review and often bicker about what is written.  Unless approved by the board then, revisions are required and eventually final minutes are approved and now must be maintained somewhere they can be made available to owners who want to inspect them.  Minutes are a critical historical document which the Florida lawmakers were correct in making condos prepare and keep permanently.  Done correctly, minutes can mitigate a condo association’s risk and liability.  Done incorrectly and not maintained according to the law, the impact on risk and liability could be devastating when the condo is sued.

Office of the Board makes taking minutes correctly, approving and maintaining them permanently as required by law very easy.   The board member or person who is taking the minutes can use the Office of the Board Publisher which comes with a custom template for minute taking during or after a meeting.  Once complete, the draft minutes can be reviewed and commented on by the board members inside Office of the Board and final minutes can be achieved simply and timely.  If there is unanimous consent of the board or approval at the next meeting (easy because board members were already afforded an opportunity to comment on the minutes), the final minutes are saved into the Office of the Board Official Records and reside there permanently as required by law.  With Office of the Board there are no drafts lying around in multiple board email accounts or in other places that can harm the condo and board members.  Minute creation, approval, maintenance and sharing with inquiring owners is all done inside the condo’s Office of the Board.


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